Genny RTW Spring 2020

Sara Cavazza Facchini eschewed her glittering, curve-hugging silhouettes for more sober — and sophisticated — fare.

Spring marked a big change for the brand, with Sara Cavazza Facchini eschewing her glittering, curve-hugging silhouettes for more sober — and sophisticated — fare and wild, sun-baked South American flair.

She took the gauchos and the vast and fertile pampas of Argentina and Uruguay as inspiration for this classy collection that was packed with linen, lots of long, swinging fringes and roomy clothing. Instead of teetering on impossible heels, models wore flat sandals or boots with peek-a-boo toes.

The first look — a long, pea green linen coat with an uneven hem and cuffs like handkerchiefs — set the mood. After that came a lineup of cream linen, including dresses with black piping and handkerchief hems or cape sleeves; loose, low-slung, cropped trousers, and other dresses with full skirts and eyelet details, painterly prints or shiny, tiered ruffles.

Colors were earthy and intense; Cavazza Facchini said she was inspired by the continent’s spices — paprika, nutmeg, white sesame and black pepper.

Those gaucho gals wore some great outerwear and accessories, too, including a fun poncho with long, thigh-grazing fringes, a graphic patterned cape in green and black, big black scarves with prints of pampas grass and straw hats with wide brims for all those women planning to gallop with gusto into the Argentinian sunset.

Genny RTW Spring 2020

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